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In an ever-evolving world, staying ahead means embracing change. Our journey in e-commerce is marked by continuous learning and adaptation. As the digital landscape transforms, so do we, tailoring our strategies and creatives to meet the shifting needs of diverse audiences. Our proactive monitoring of emerging technologies and trends ensures we’re always a step ahead.

Our experience has honed an entrepreneurial mindset that excels in market analysis and trend forecasting. This agility enables us to make decisive, impactful choices, keeping us competitive and growth-focused. We’re committed to perpetual improvement, always exploring new avenues for advancement.

Data analysis and audience behavior study are at the heart of our approach. By staying attuned to evolving consumer preferences, we ensure our offerings remain compelling. Our strategies and campaigns are constantly refined for peak efficiency, aiming to captivate the maximum number of prospects.

Our team, experts in digital marketing and copywriting, is dedicated to your success. Utilizing advanced tools and techniques, we aim to enhance your campaigns for optimal conversions. Through meticulous management of your advertising spend, we focus on delivering substantial results and profitability for your venture.


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Digitalgenius marketing teams

Since 2009

Since 2009, our journey in e-commerce has been marked by a commitment to crafting sophisticated online stores and developing robust sales systems. With an entrepreneurial lens, we dive deep into each project, analyzing and calculating its economic viability to secure a tangible return on investment. Our foremost mission is to boost our clients’ profitability.

Beyond profit generation, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience, aiming to be a valuable resource. Our approach combines expertise with a genuine desire to contribute to our clients’ success


The Universe Rewards Sharing

Embracing the role of a sharer—of ideas, experiences, knowledge, and support—positions us in a unique space where the universe often reciprocates with unexpected gifts. In this interconnected world, the act of giving not only enriches others but opens the door to unforeseen opportunities and delights. It’s a testament to the power of generosity, creating a cycle of positivity that benefits all involved.

Embracing Innovation: Open to the New

Expert Team: The Core of Success

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What they say about us


“We were totally in the dark about starting our online store—it felt so daunting, we kept putting it off. But diving in with digitalgenius and Fedіr’s was a game-changer. In just a month, bam, our store was up and running. Huge shoutout for the endless support and walking us through every little detail—there was a lot we had no clue about. I’m really looking forward to keeping this partnership going with the ad team. Finding you guys has been a highlight; you’re genuinely fantastic, like, you know your stuff inside out—true rockstars in what you do.”

Organic Live, Online store

“Big thanks to the crew for their top-notch work. Honestly, we were blown away by the results—stuff we’d been sitting on for years flew off the shelves in just a month. The quality of the content, those videos, and how everything was presented? Absolutely stellar. And the way you guys talked about BMW, Volvo, and Mazda? Our team’s never been more in love with these brands. Here’s to endless success for the digitalgenius marketing team. Your openness and positivity shine through everything you do.”

Autopark Centre, Car showroom

“Shoutout from the ZEEP online store team here. What a journey it’s been—packed with learning and eye-opening moments about what a results-driven team can achieve together. Seriously, the unity we’ve experienced has led us to some pretty incredible places. Thanks to Fedіr’s endless support and motivation, we’ve not only sharpened our skills in e-commerce but have also grown so much professionally. He’s got this knack for spotting our strengths and pushing us to excel, keeping us inspired along the way.

Working in one of today’s hottest fields has been a rollercoaster of highs and some tough patches, but every single moment has been a learning curve, making us more seasoned and savvy. Here’s to more growth and learning!”

ZEEP, Online store

“We got our business online super fast—set up a slick website and got our social media looking sharp. In no time, like a month, it felt like everyone on the internet knew us, from Facebook to Instagram, even popping up on Google searches. Our inquiries shot up by around 30%, and I’ve got a gut feeling we’re just scratching the surface. Before, we’d thrown money at radio and billboards, but honestly? No bang for our buck. Switching to online marketing was a leap, and wow, did it pay off. The videos especially were a game-changer. We’re sticking with this and would shout from the rooftops about DGM to anyone who’ll listen.”

ColorAuto Park, Comprehensive car repair
Логотип Mazda

“We teamed up with Fedir on a friend’s tip and got to work on a targeted ad campaign for our latest, the CX-30. Gotta say, we’re thrilled—100% satisfied. Fydor’s the real deal, a pro through and through. He laid out strategies and solutions that really resonated with our target crowd and bumped up our sales. Major thanks to him for his standout work. If you’re looking to get your business out there, Fedir’s your guy. Highly recommend.”

Mazda, Official dealer

“Feodir stepped in to give our branding and content marketing a serious boost, and he nailed it, hitting every goal we laid out. His knack for branding and content really took our name out there, grabbing our target audience’s attention. The creativity and care he put into his work didn’t go unnoticed. We were impressed with his professionalism and commitment to top-notch results. Working with him was a breeze, and we’re keen to team up again to keep building our brand. Highly recommend Fedir if you’re looking to elevate your game.”

Volvo, Official dealer