Cover size in Facebook’s new 2020 design

Cover dimensions for Facebook’s new design

Image size for business page

The cover sizes for the new design of Facebook’s business pages and groups have changed. The design now features more rounded shapes, lighter and more spacious layout, and rounded corners for the cover. Here are the image sizes for the cover of Facebook business pages and groups in 2020:

  • Overall size: 820×360 pixels
  • Displayed on desktop: 820×312 pixels
  • Displayed on smartphones: 640×360 pixels
  • Displayed on tablets: 640×360 pixels
  • Visible area on desktop and smartphones: 640×312 pixels.

Try to place the main information and images in the central area so that your concept is displayed correctly and professionally on all devices. Keep this in mind when designing and adding text.

Cover for facebook
Size of avatar for business pages

Create and upload your avatar in the form of a square with dimensions of 1200×1200 px. Also, center the image or text, as it will be displayed within a circular shape.

▪︎ Upload a square image with dimensions of 1200×1200 px.
▪︎ Displayed as a circle on desktop at 170×170 px.
▪︎ Displayed on smartphones at 128×128 px.

Avater for facebook cover
Size of cover image for groups

▪︎ Overall size: 1640×856 px.
▪︎ Displayed on desktop: 1640×664 px.
▪︎ Displayed on smartphones: 1640×856 px.
▪︎ Area displayed on both desktop and smartphones: 1640×664 px.


If you don’t want to bother with specific dimensions, create covers for pages, groups, and events with a size of 1920×1080 px, ensuring that images and text are centered. This is especially useful since cover sizes on Facebook are constantly changing. As for why Facebook doesn’t standardize covers with a single size, the reasons behind this decision remain unknown.