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META Advertising

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New model sales

Project Objective

Social media


Work list
  • Creative strategy

  • Creating creatives

  • Video | Motion | Images



  • Optimisation

To: Fedir and the digitalgenius marketing Team
Subject: Elevating AutoPark Center’s Brand and Sales

Dear Fedir and Team,

At AutoPark Center, we’re facing a critical challenge that requires expert intervention. Our objectives are clear: enhance our brand’s visibility, successfully sell three vehicles that have been in inventory since last year, and draw in potential customers. With a marketing budget set at $600, we’re counting on your renowned expertise and professionalism to help us reach these targets.

Warmest regards,
AutoPark Center Rivne

Интернет маркетинг-Mazda



Work list
  • Analyzing the target audience

  • Customizing Business Manager


  • Video | Images

  • Testing ads


  • Management

I delved deep into our target audience analysis, pinpointing specific interests to align with our META advertising campaign. Utilizing these insights, I crafted engaging creatives for both initial engagements and remarketing, paired with compelling ad copy that underscored the unique features of the cars on offer.

Our targeted and optimized approach paid off spectacularly. With just a $300 budget, we exceeded our goal by selling 3 cars. This triumph not only showcases the potency of our digital marketing strategies but also opens up avenues for even greater achievements in upcoming campaigns.


Creatives for META

Video Content

We embarked on a comprehensive market analysis, scrutinized our competitors, and pinpointed our target demographic. By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of various car brands, we inferred the needs and pain points of potential buyers. Our strategy culminated in a content plan that accentuated our cars’ superior features, our exceptional service terms, our staff’s expertise, and our service center’s unparalleled standards.

Central to our strategy were short video clips—due to their widespread popularity, reach, and engagement capabilities, they’re instrumental in tailoring audiences. Videos are pivotal for swiftly and effectively promoting our company on social media and amassing a broad audience for subsequent campaigns. We leveraged model reviews, service center insights, and our competitive edges in these videos.

These short videos are integral to our services and content strategy, offered at no extra cost, provided they don’t necessitate additional resources like actors, special equipment, or drones. Our standard service package includes the shooting and editing of these videos.

Fyodor Kharkin




  • SCALING & Management

After a thorough market analysis, competitor review, and target audience identification, we pinpointed the strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling propositions of various car brands. This groundwork enabled us to craft a strategic content plan that underscored our cars’ superiority, exclusive service offers, our team’s expertise, and our service center’s excellence.

We launched targeted advertising campaigns featuring compelling visuals and convincing copy, aimed at boosting brand awareness and driving sales. Our tailored content and commercial campaigns were meticulously designed to elevate brand visibility and spur vehicle purchases. With an advertising spend of $300, achieving a cost per lead of $0.50, we not only sold 3 cars but also engaged a sizable audience of 13,000 people, marking a significant achievement in our promotional efforts.