Sosial Media
Marketing &

  • Customer: Colorautopark
  • Objectives: Sale of services

Website & Digital marketing

Project Objectives

Work list
  • Website

  • Content marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Video | Images


  • Google Advertising

To boost market share, draw in new clients, and elevate brand visibility, we initiated discussions with the client and delved into their business framework. My recommendation was to craft a contemporary corporate website alongside a Facebook business page, both featuring captivating design and enriching content. The aim was to attract new customers via Google and META advertising campaigns. For Facebook, we outlined a comprehensive content strategy designed to highlight Color Company’s exceptional services and deep-seated expertise.


Corporative Website

Work list
  • Graphic design

  • Customisation

  • images

  • Copywriting

  • SEO optimisation

A website serves as the digital front of an online business and a potent mechanism for funneling targeted traffic towards sales. We’ve harnessed cutting-edge WordPress solutions to forge a contemporary design and have triumphantly rolled out a corporate website that mirrors Color Autopark’s esteemed standards and identity.

Sales funnel

Content Marketing

Work list
  • Target audience analysis

  • Content plan

  • Creating content

  • Images | Video

  • Copywriting

  • Planning

  • Communication

Upon analyzing our target audience, we meticulously outlined the characteristics of our ideal customer, hypothesizing their needs, desires, and issues tied to our service. Leveraging this insight, I crafted a strategic media plan encompassing social media content and pinpointed advertising.

Our mission is to introduce potential clients to our brand, showcase our expertise, foster trust, and navigate them through the sales funnel. We’re committed to delivering content that enlightens them on how our services can address their challenges and fulfill their requirements. Our ultimate goal is to convert them into buyers and nurture enduring client relationships.


Video content

Work list
  • Creative strategy

  • references

  • Script

  • Video shooting

  • Montage

  • Production

Our content strategy extends beyond just graphic and textual elements; it also incorporates short promotional videos. This format excels in capturing audience attention, broadening our reach, and enabling us to collect specific audiences for subsequent engagement.

Moreover, videos serve as a powerful tool to swiftly bolster trust in our brand. They enhance our ability to impact potential customers more compellingly, accelerating the decision-making process and facilitating quicker purchases.

Alexan Drovich






Through an extensive digital marketing campaign, we boosted traffic to Colorautopark’s service by 50%. We also set up and fine-tuned business pages on Facebook and Instagram, developed a corporate website, and rolled out an effective advertising campaign. These efforts swiftly attracted new customers and showcased our top-notch service, leading to a notable increase in market share.